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US-2015180118-A1: Antenna system with high isolation characteristics patent, US-2012006138-A1: Rolling mill drive with oil recirculation system having air pressure feature patent, US-2015040232-A1: Anti-vulnerability system, method, and computer program product patent, US-2015067844-A1: System and methodology providing automation security analysis, validation, and learning in an industrial controller environment patent, US-2010151402-A1: Slide on connector for arch wire patent, US-2010171502-A1: Battery state monitoring circuitry with low power consumption during a stand-by-state of a battery pack patent, US-6381699-B2: Leak-resistant cryptographic method and apparatus patent, US-2010313232-A1: Integrated satellite-tv broadband wireless system patent, US-2010332077-A1: Wireless winch switch patent, US-2011107597-A1: Antioxidant Joint Compound & Method for Forming an Electrical Connection patent, US-2011109479-A1: Method and System for Collecting Traffice Data, Monitoring Traffic, and Automated Enforcement at a Centralized Station patent, US-2012048809-A1: Chemicals for Oil Spill Cleanup patent, US-2012250635-A1: Method and Device for Enhancing Quality of Service in Wireless Local Area Network patent, US-2013023386-A1: Casual exercise device patent, US-2013177075-A1: Weighted Prediction Method and Apparatus in Quantization Matrix Coding patent, US-2014201230-A1: Method and system for providing sponsored information on electronic devices patent, US-2010305845-A1: Device for Assisting in the Navigation of a Person patent, US-2011232566-A1: Method and apparatus for shaping a gas profile near bevel edge patent, US-2012106422-A1: Uplink Power Control for Dual and Multi Carrier Radio System patent, US-2012278236-A1: System and method for presentment of nonconfidential transaction token identifier patent, US-2013160313-A1: Offset measurer patent, US-2014208446-A1: Reporting information about users who obtain copyrighted media using a network in an unauthorized manner patent, US-2014279395-A1: System and methods for providing least cost data acquisition for financial decisions patent, US-2014299308-A1: Windshield washer fluid heating apparatus, control system, and method of using same patent, US-2014306448-A1: Fitting For Tubing Containment System patent, US-2014315627-A1: Methods, apparatus and article of manufacture for determining an outcome of a game without placing any bets on the game patent, US-2015171961-A1: Optical transceiver with variable data rate and sensitivity control patent, US-2015172030-A1: Method and Apparatus for Signalling of HARQ Timing at UL/DL Subframe Reconfiguration patent, US-2010285890-A1: Compact wheel end and corner module patent, US-2010288110-A1: Electronic keyboard musical instrument patent, US-2013035076-A1: Determining an availability status of a contact being called patent, US-2014034773-A1: Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Dispenser patent, US-2014344827-A1: System, method, and computer program product for scheduling a task to be performed by at least one processor core patent, US-2015043264-A1: Frequency Converter patent, US-2015067437-A1: Apparatus, method and system for reporting dynamic random access memory error information patent, US-2010121564-A1: Remote guide system, remote guide method and remote guide device patent, US-2010133286-A1: Horizontal open inducting garbage bin patent, US-2010203843-A1: Radio frequency transceiver front end circuit with direct current bias switch patent, US-2011094835-A1: Machine tool having a brake system patent, US-2011187069-A1: Vehicle including extendable auxiliary wheels patent, US-2012022994-A1: Large Block Trading System with Trading Controls for Aggressive Pricing patent, US-2012222309-A1: Method for manufacturing liquid supply member and method for manufacturing liquid discharge head patent, US-2013040285-A1: Saliva Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay for Cytomegalovirus Infection patent, US-2010130071-A1: Socket assembly with sliding plate patent, US-2011042919-A1: Polyurea coated trailer patent, US-2011233968-A1: Transmission tunnel patent, US-2013245805-A1: Method, system and computer product for controlling a manufacturing process patent, US-2013312098-A1: Negative light-weight rules patent, US-2014208294-A1: Domain scripting language framework for service and system integration patent, US-2014332553-A1: Reusable vessel for dispensing beverages and method of storing and dispensing beverages patent, US-2011000971-A1: Handling system for exception rfid labels patent, US-2011150166-A1: Method of providing a nuclear fuel and a fuel element provided by such a method patent, US-2011204122-A1: Hollow structures formed with friction stir welding patent, US-2013301510-A1: Method and System for Allocating Media Access Control Layer Resources in a Wireless Communication Environment patent, US-2014045632-A1: Silent chain patent, US-2014291525-A1: Variable geometry optical gas detector patent, US-2014345855-A1: Radial fishbone sagd patent, US-2011197421-A1: Method of Forming Mesh Golf Tee patent, US-2013295947-A1: Method for detecting a network or device and a neighbor thereof patent, US-2014100740-A1: Vehicle user interface systems and methods patent, US-2011046713-A1: Atraumatic vascular graft removal sheath patent, US-2011154569-A1: Mobile patient support system patent, US-2011174538-A1: Control system for drilling operations patent, US-2011183389-A1: Production of lactic acid from hemicellulose extracts patent, US-2013134897-A1: Pixel unit driving circuit and method, pixel unit of amoled pixel unit panel and display apparatus patent, US-6519767-B1: Compiler and method for automatically building version compatible object applications patent, US-2013160067-A1: Dynamic Bandwidth Load Balancing in a Data Distribution Network patent, US-2014222492-A1: Alpha-Chain Constraints For Process Planning patent, US-2014301621-A1: Image processing apparatus, image processing method and medical imaging device patent, US-2010232681-A1: Three-dimensional vision sensor patent, US-2010306752-A1: Automatically Creating Parallel Iterative Program Code in a Graphical Data Flow Program patent, US-2011232617-A1: Balloon Launching Device patent, US-2012240125-A1: System Resource Management In An Electronic Device patent, US-2013031767-A1: Dishwasher patent, US-2013107882-A1: Management apparatus, management method, and computer-readable medium patent, US-2014047423-A1: Runtime State Based Code Re-Optimization patent, US-2011103028-A1: Electrical assembly having impedance controlled signal traces patent, US-2012174675-A1: Ultrasound Probe patent, US-2012329365-A1: Non-rollable to rollable transforming toy patent, US-2013080968-A1: User interface with media content prediction patent, US-2013104371-A1: Windscreen wiper device patent, US-2013182707-A1: Managing a global forwarding table in a distributed switch patent, US-2014271026-A1: Anchoring fastener assembly patent, US-2010200212-A1: Field joint for a downhole tool patent, US-2010250337-A1: Application recommendation engine patent, US-2012060602-A1: Dynamic Balancing of Vehicle Wheel Assemblies patent, US-2012265715-A1: Facilitated method to improve professional relationships patent, US-2013169426-A1: Motor vehicle with a high-voltage source patent, US-2010303013-A1: Dynamic selection of subframe formats in a wireless network patent, US-2011003169-A1: Non-Adhesive Flexible Laminate patent, US-2012255256-A1: Modular pedestrian tunnel patent, US-2010301171-A1: Shock bump array patent, US-2011108358-A1: Noise attenuator and resonator patent, US-2012302348-A1: Gun handle attachment for game controller patent, US-2015088701-A1: System and method for improved planogram generation patent, US-2013206196-A1: Climatic protection of fracking hydro tanks patent, US-2014355989-A1: Systems and methods for providing broadband communication patent, US-2010129893-A1: Optimal placement of a robust solvent/detergent process post viral ultrafiltration of an immune gamma globulin patent, US-2010299602-A1: Random image selection without viewing duplication patent, US-2011136446-A1: Combined intelligent receive diversity (ird) and mobile transmit diversity (mtd) with independent antenna switching for uplink and downlink patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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